June 17, 2019

Pro-Trump group to spend $20M on registering voters

The pro-Trump group America First Policies this week is kicking off a $20 million bid to register voters in four states, a huge amount aimed at getting millions of potential voters to the polls.

“There are millions of patriotic Americans who believe in the America First movement, but aren’t registered to vote,” said America First Policies President Brian O. Walsh in a statement.

“Returning power to the people requires an active, engaged citizenry. Let your voice be heard. Join the movement. Register today,” he added.

The effort begins Tuesday at President Trump’s first reelection rally in Orlando.

In addition, the Republican Party and Trump-Pence 2020 campaignwill be registering voters at the event.

The $20 million campaign will target voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. America First said there is an estimated 9 million unregistered voters in Florida alone.


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