May 28, 2020

New America First Poll: Swing-state voters favor Trump over Biden on China, protecting businesses



  • N = 655 Battleground Voters
  • Margin of Error= +/- 3.83%
  • Field Dates: May 15-17, 2020

1. Which of the following do you see as the most important issue for Congress and the President to address in 2020:


Ending the Coronavirus pandemic 


Creating new jobs and improving the economy 


Lowering the cost of healthcare

Do you have a positive or negative impression of…

Positive                                                             Negative                                                           No                           Never                              

Total         Strong         Somewhat                     Total         Strong         Somewhat                    Opinion                    Heard Of

2. Government of China                                    Government of China

7%            2%              5%                                 75%         27%             48%                               15%                         2%

Please tell me whether you approve or disapprove of the job President Donald Trump is doing on each of the following...      

Total          Total                                                Strong         Somewhat     Somewhat        Strong             Unsure/
Approve    Disapprove                                    Approve       Approve        Disapprove       Disapprove     Refused

3. Restricting travel to and from China during the Coronavirus pandemic.

   70%       26%                                                  49%              20%              9%                      17%                 4%                         

4. Negotiating and demanding favorable trade deals for American workers.

   57%       38%                                                  40%              17%              14%                      24%                 5% 

5. Helping small businesses survive and get through the pandemic shutdown.

   56%       42%                                                  35%              21%              11%                      31%                 2% 

6. Standing up to China and holding them accountable.

   55%       39%                                                  37%              18%              13%                      26%                 5% 

7. Handling of the economy.

   55%       42%                                                  36%              19%              11%                      31%                 3% 

8. Creating a plan to put Americans back to work and reopen our country.

   52%       44%                                                  35%              17%              12%                      32%                 3% 

 May 15-17, 2020 Topline Results

9. Looking ahead to January 2021 when the President will be inaugurated, are you more confident about your own economic situation if Donald Trump is re-elected, or if Joe Biden becomes President?


   If Donald Trump is re-elected


   If Joe Biden becomes President


   Neither make me confident in my economic situation


   Unsure/ Refused 

10. And how do you think the economic stimulus spending due to the pandemic has gone so far?  Thinking about things like the Cares Act, and the Paycheck Protection Program, would you say that the spending so far has gone...

58%     Total Well
35%     Total Not Well

10%     Very Well
48%     Somewhat Well

21%     Not Very Well
14%     Not Well At All

7%       Don't Know

11. Regardless of their level of blame, do you think China should be penalized for their role in the spread of the Coronavirus?

57%      Yes

31%      No

11%      Unsure/Refused 

12. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “We have to start re-opening our economy or we risk everything that makes America special. America didn’t win two world wars and beat back the Great Depression by staying home. Scientists aren’t the only ones who should make decisions.  We should protect the vulnerable, but the time has come for America to get back to work.”

55%     Total Agree
39%     Total Disagree

33%     Strongly Agree
22%     Somewhat Agree

15%     Somewhat Disagree
24%     Strongly Disagree

3%       Depends/ other
3%       Unsure/ refused

13. As you may know, President Trump announced guidelines for reopening the country in a three-phased approach, based on the advice of public health experts. State and local governments are meant to utilize the President’s guidelines to reopen their own communities and economies, as long as they meet certain criteria, like observing a downward trajectory of documented Coronavirus cases within a 14-day period. Do you support or oppose this plan put forth by President Trump?

67%     Total Support
26%     Total Oppose

34%     Strongly Support
33%     Somewhat Support

12%     Somewhat Oppose
14%     Strongly Oppose

7%       Unsure/ refused

14. Do you support or oppose the inclusion of legal liability protections in the next Coronavirus relief bill, which would help to protect responsible small businesses, healthcare workers, and others on the front lines from being hit with lawsuits as a result of the Coronavirus? 

74%     Total Support
18%     Total Oppose

49%     Strongly Support
25%     Somewhat Support

 9%      Somewhat Oppose
 9%      Strongly Oppose

8%       Unsure/ refused

15. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Businesses, primarily small businesses on the front lines, should not be held legally liable for virus infections in workers or patrons. Frivolous lawsuits against American businesses and frontline workers will be rampant during the reopening of America if measures to protect them are not enacted, and the money lost during those costly lawsuits would hurt our economy when we are trying to rebuild it.”

68%     Total Agree
24%     Total Disagree

41%     Strongly Agree
28%     Somewhat Agree

13%     Somewhat Disagree
12%     Strongly Disagree

2%       Depends/ other
6%       Unsure/ refused

16. Do you support or oppose President Trump’s decision to temporarily halt immigration, as the Coronavirus pandemic runs its course? 

72%     Total Support
25%     Total Oppose

47%     Strongly Support
25%     Somewhat Support

10%     Somewhat Oppose
14%     Strongly Oppose

3%       Unsure/ refused

17. In your opinion, which is the better way to help families recover economically from the shutdown?

54%       Focus on creating the best conditions possible for people to go back to work. That includes limiting legal liability for businesses and reducing regulations.

38%       Keep pumping more money into the economy, such as a new two trillion dollar relief bill that would help fund more support for food stamp recipients, extend unemployment insurance, and supplement more checks to individuals beyond the twelve hundred dollar checks that were included in the Cares Act. 

7%         Don't Know/Refused

18. Thinking about the recent calls by some Democrats to launch an investigation on the federal response to the Coronavirus outbreak, which of the following comes closest to your own opinion?

43%    Donald Trump and his administration should be investigated, because their response to the pandemic has been poor, and an investigation will give us answers on how our government can prevent a crisis like this in the future.

50%   Donald Trump and his administration should not be investigated, because it is simply another biased political move by the Democrats and would be a waste of money and efforts during a time of serious crisis. 

6%     Don't Know/Refused

Please tell me whether you support or oppose each of the following policies...

Total          Total                                                Strong         Somewhat     Somewhat        Strong             Unsure/
Support   Oppose                                            Support      Support        Oppose            Oppose          Refused

19. Requiring federal projects, such as infrastructure projects, to use American made goods and materials.

   77%       15%                                                  50%              28%              10%                      5%                 6% 

20. Giving companies tax incentives to move their manufacturing and production back to the United States.

   75%       17%                                                  47%              28%              10%                      7%                 6% 

21. Renegotiating foreign trade deals to ensure imports and exports are taxed at a more equal level.

   74%       16%                                                  45%              29%              11%                      6%                 7% 

22. Restricting travel to and from China until further notice.

   70%       22%                                                  44%              26%              12%                      10%                6% 

23. Investing in national security efforts against nations like China, Iran, and North Korea.

   68%       22%                                                  41%              27%              12%                      10%                7% 

24. Requiring Twitter and Facebook to de-platform fake accounts controlled by foreign governments.

   65%       23%                                                  42%              23%              10%                      12%                7% 

25. Increasing tariffs on foreign goods made in China.

   55%       36%                                                  33%              22%              18%                      19%                7% 

26. Reducing foreign aid to any countries that vote against the United States in the United Nations.

   52%       35%                                                  31%              22%              17%                      19%                10% 

27. Guaranteeing a universal basic income for people who are capable of working but say that they are unwilling to work. 

   28%       62%                                                  13%              15%              16%                      46%                7% 

28. Would you be willing to pay more for certain items and goods, if those items or goods were sourced from and made in the United States? 

75%          Yes

17%          No

8%            Unsure/Refused

For each issue, please tell me whether you trust Donald Trump or Joe Biden to better handle the issue… 

                         Donald Trump                  Joe Biden                      Neither                            Both                            Unsure/Refused

29. Standing up to China and holding them accountable for their part in the Coronavirus pandemic.

                                  50%                                  33%                            7%                                 4%                                       5%

30. Fighting for better trade deals for American workers.

                                  49%                                  37%                            8%                                 2%                                       3%

31. Putting America and American workers first.

                                  46%                                  40%                            8%                                 3%                                       3%


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