October 08, 2020

America First Policies Debuts “Serve You” to Support Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

America First Policies is debuting its second advertisement in support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett's swift confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Judge Barrett is a brilliant teacher, scholar, and role-model for all of us. She's an extraordinary jurist, constitutionalist, and will base her judgements on the rule of law as written.  

The national television, digital and direct-mail spend is part of America First Policies more than $5 million investment to help advance Judge Barrett's confirmation. 

“Serve You” will start airing today and run through October 13th.

"Serve You"

Judge Barrett: I am truly humbled by the prospect of serving on the Supreme Court.

NARRATOR: Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Judge Barrett: I would assume this role to serve you. Judges are not policy makers and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold. And if the Senate does me the the honor of confirming me, I pledge to discharge the responsibilities of this job to the very best of my ability.

For more information on Judge Barrett and why she is an incredible pick for the Supreme Court, please visit www.AmyConeyBarrett.info


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