May 28, 2020

Swing-state voters favor Trump over Biden on China, protecting businesses: Poll

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May 28, 2020

Swing-state voters favor Trump over Biden on China, protecting businesses: Poll

In a battleground survey commissioned by America First Policies, a majority of Americans approve of President Donald J. Trump's handling of the economy, efforts aimed at stemming the coronavirus and reopening the country. 

Swing-state voters trust President Trump more than Joe Biden to stand up to China, fight for better trade deals, and put American workers first.

Results: Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Trump is doing on each of the following:

On restricting travel to and from China during the coronavirus pandemic:

  •  70% approve; 26% disapprove      

On negotiating and demanding favorable trade deals for American workers:

  • 57% approve; 38% disapprove

On helping small businesses survive and get through the pandemic shutdown:

  • 56% approve; 42% disapprove

On standing up to China and holding them accountable:

  • 55% approve; 39% disapprove 

On handling the economy:

  • 55% approve; 42 disapprove

On creating a plan to put Americans back to work and reopen our country:

  • 52% approve; 44% disapprove

Seventy-five percent of participants polled have a negative view of the government of China, with 57% believing China should be penalized for their role in the spread of the coronavirus.

Seventy-five percent would support the federal government giving companies tax incentives to move their manufacturing production back to the U.S. and an overwhelming majority (75%) would be willing to pay more for these goods.

A majority (55%) agree the American economy should start to reopen, and 67% support the President's three-phased reopening approach based on the advice of public health efforts.

In terms of economic policies Congress is considering, 74% of respondents support the inclusion of legal liability protections in the next coronavirus relief bill and only 28% support a universal basic income.

Among the top issues for Congress and the President to address in 2020, ending the pandemic ranks number one (52%), followed by creating new jobs and improving the economy (47%) and then lowering the cost of healthcare (43%).

The survey was conducted May 15-17, 2020 in nine battleground states, with a margin of error +/- 3.83%. To read the complete poll, click here.

For press inquiries please contact:

Kelly Sadler, America First Policies, Communications Director

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