January 29, 2020

America First Policies Starts Anti-Impeachment Ads in Pennsylvania, Michigan

For Immediate Release

January 28. 2020

America First Policies Starts Anti-Impeachment Ads in Pennsylvania, Michigan

Arlington, VA – America First Policies will start airing anti-impeachment ads in Pennsylvania and Michigan today.

The Michigan ad will run in the Grand Rapids, Flint, and Traverse City markets. The Pennsylvania ad will run in the Harrisburg and Wilkes Barre region. Each market will air live on broadcast television along with cable spots on Fox News.

Each state is receiving over $200k of broadcast media, combined with the digital spending this represents over $500k total between these states.

As a reminder, we kicked off this advertising last week with a hard-hitting ad in Alabama urging Doug Jones to reconsider his stance. That ad began last Wednesday and will run statewide with a Fox News cable supplement finishing this Thursday. The overall ad buy is $1 million on television and digital.

Final Michigan Script: (To watch the ad, click here)

VO: A rigged partisan line vote…posing for smiling photos even commemorative pens for the occasion…but what do our senators say about this mockery?

STABENOW: I very impressed and proud of what the Speaker and Democrats have done...

PETERS: This is a very, very serious situation…

VO: The radical left is wasting America’s time with this impeachment scandal when they could be confirming conservative judges. Call Senators Peters and Senator Stabenow. Tell them end this travesty. Oppose impeachment.

Final Pennsylvania Script: (To watch the ad, click here)

SCHIFF: The remedy is impeachment

TITUS: I’d like to impeach the *explicative* right now

VO: But for the radical left this is really about one thing, winning the White House.

GREEN: If we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.

VO: The left’s impeachment scam exposed. Instead of standing up for America and securing our borders, Bob Casey is standing with radicals. So, call Senator Bob Casey. Tell him you’re sick of the radical left abusing their power. Oppose impeachment.

Last year, America First Policies ran a two-pronged "End the Witch Hunt" anti-impeachment advertising buy, totaling more than $3 million dollars. Overall, our efforts generated more than 44,000 calls into Democratic districts, so much so Michigan's Elissa Slotkin admitted to Fox News her office had to install a third telephone line to keep up with the demands of her constituents to "End the Witch Hunt." 


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