October 30, 2020

America First Policies Releases New $2.4 Million Ad Buy

With four days until the Presidential election, America First Policies announced a $2.4 million national ad that will run on television, digital platforms, and radio.

The ad highlights the importance of getting out and casting a vote with our nation’s security, values, and future on the ballot. It will be the most important election of our lifetime. 

America First Policies has been an advocate for voter registration and launched www.YourVote2020.org as a tool for finding your polling location.

The organization urges Americans to get out and engage in our democratic process to make their voices heard.   

"Your Vote."

NARRATOR: This is the most important election of our lifetime. Our values, our security, and our future are on the ballot. So visit YourVote2020.org to find your polling location because your vote has never been more important. 


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