May 13, 2020

America Leads the World in COVID-19 Testing

America leads the world in COVID-19 testing. More than10 million tests will be completed by the end of this week and nearly 300,000 tests are being done daily. 

This week, the Trump administration affirmed we have an efficient testing capacity for states to begin phase one of the reopening guidelines at their discretion. 

Thanks to the swift work of the federal government and private sector, our old system has been revolutionized at an unprecedented level and speed. 

The need for increased testing sparked American ingenuity and our industries have risen to the occasion to meet the massive needs caused by the nationwide pandemic. 

While South Korea set a high bar for testing, the United States is now conducting twice the amount of tests per capita in heavily impacted areas.  

The FDA has approved 92 emergency use authorizations which include 12 antibody tests and 1 antigen test. 

The Coronavirus Task Force speaks with governors regularly to ensure states have the tools needed to reach their testing goals with a continued focus on the most vulnerable including the elderly, minority communities, and tribal regions.  

The Trump Administration continues to utilize every resource to combat this pandemic and innovate new ways to make America stronger. 


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