The Great American Comeback Agenda

A dynamic policy agenda of tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform, workforce development, and infrastructure development to rebuild our economy and give Americans even more opportunities to pursue their dreams.

1. Reforms that Put America to Work Again  

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made America competitive and helped unleash an economic boom.  Now, America First Policies believes more needs to be done.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow has advocated a payroll tax cut and incentives for businesses to bring their supply chains back to this country. The goal: invest in new equipment, hire Americans to make more of what we buy, and put more money in their pockets to buy it.  

Offshoring creates risks. Long supply lines are vulnerable to disruption and corruption. In addition, countries like China sponsor governmentwide efforts to steal intellectual property.

The Strengthening America’s Supply Chain and National Security Act would identify our supply chain vulnerabilities and build out domestic capacity to eliminate dependence on China and other nations, for the safety and health of all Americans.

The Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act would provide economic incentives for manufacturing drugs and medical equipment in the United States and end U.S. dependence on China for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

America First Policies strongly supports Congress using tax and other incentives to bring manufacturing supply chains back to the U.S., rebuild the middle class, and ensure a stronger and more resilient American economy for the future.

2. America First Trade Deals    

For too long, one-sided agreements let other nations import their goods to America, drove American companies offshore, and left America dangerously dependent on China and other countries for our essential needs.

New generation trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, South Korea, and China have reset the terms for fair and reciprocal trade, bringing manufacturing back home and boosting exports for American farmers, ranchers, and factory workers.

America First Policies strongly supports ongoing efforts to reform existing trade agreements and negotiate new ones. Talks underway with India, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and a second phase agreement with China for new generation trade agreements will end the offshoring of American jobs and promote products that carry the label “Made in the USA.”

America First Policies believes Congress should expeditiously approve new generation trade agreements.

3. Jobs Focused Regulatory Reform

Over-regulation hurts independent businesses, farms, and the Americans who depend on them. Common-sense regulatory reform will boost employment and expand opportunities while preserving public health and safety.

Every new regulation is an opportunity for a new lawsuit.  America wants to go back to work, not back to court.  Opening America for business will take more than a pronouncement from politicians in Washington, D.C. It will take administrative and legislative action to prevent frivolous litigation.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow and a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers support stronger liability protection for businesses, healthcare professionals and other essential workers

Lower energy prices give American industry an advantage and help create American jobs. Proposed Interior Department regulations will ensure access to resources and energy on public lands and offshore for continued American energy independence.

Proposed regulations to overhaul NEPA, the National Environmental Policy Act, for the first time in 40 years will cut the federal permitting timeline for major projects down to two years.  This will help reduce traffic in our cities, connect our rural communities to high-speed Internet, and grow America’s economy, ensuring America remains the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

America First Policies supports legislative and regulatory reform efforts to strengthen America’s economy, promote energy independence, and help America’s Main Street businesses, middle class, and manufacturers.

4. A Strong American Workforce

As we rebuild American industry and economy, job training that expands opportunities for Americans is more important than ever.

Already, over 360 companies have taken the Pledge to America’s Workers, providing over 14 million training jobs and career opportunities.

The FY 2021 budget calls for a $900 million increase in funding to provide vocational and technical education in every high school in America. 

Proposed regulations at the U.S. Department of Labor would allow companies, unions, non-profits, and trade associations to develop apprenticeship programs that will train Americans for the jobs that are going begging today.

The Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act now before Congress would provide $5 billion for state-based scholarship programs, empowering all parents to send their kids to the public, private, religious, public charter, home, or magnet school they feel best meets the needs of their children.

The proposed Second Step Act will earmark millions of dollars for federal programs to reduce the rate of recidivism, offer prisoners the support they need for life after their release, and support reentry programs, inmate education, and occupational training programs.

A strong workforce requires sound immigration policy that allows American workers to compete globally.  Proposed regulations will help reform our immigration system to prioritize immigrants with the skills to contribute to society, and the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act now before Congress will allow victims of crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens to sue sanctuary cities.

America First Policies urges Congress and the Administration to support these measures to help make certain Americans have skills and opportunities.

5. Putting America to Work Building 21st Century Infrastructure

From highways and ports to the  Internet and emerging 5G Internet, infrastructure is essential to America’s way of life and prosperity.

Congress should adopt America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act, the largest highway infrastructure bill in our history to rebuild our roads, highways, and bridges. Proposed regulations will ensure more rural Americans will have access to high-speed broadband Internet. 

America First Policies believes in building strong infrastructure to put America back to work. We urge Congress to pass America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act and support Administration efforts to promote high-speed broadband Internet access.


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